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Talent Acquisition Consulting 

Your Recruitment Partner for

Startup, SMB & Enterprise Business

Building & Scaling Talent Acquisition

 M&A Talent Acquisition Integration 

Talent Acquisition Optimization

Recruitment Outsourcing

Talent Acquisition is at the heart of every organization.

Whether you're creating your first TA function from scratch, blending in a newly acquired company, looking to modernize & enhance your existing TA model, or simply looking for additional recruiting support, HireProHR acts as a trusted partner and extension of your team. We can help to ensure your business is successful by attracting, engaging and retaining the best people to get you there. 

focus on growing your startup and let us focus on growing your team

Struggling with how to attract and engage the best talent to join your growing startup? 

Need a dedicated resource to promote your employer brand & market your unique culture to candidates?

Candidate screening & interview scheduling taking over your world?


If it's time to add Talent Acquisition into your business, HireProHR has the  expertise you need to get started. 


Why not see how we can help! learn more...

when M&A's are a part of your business strategy, you need a dedicated

TA M&A business partner

When there isn't a dedicated Talent Acquisition person on your team with the understanding of how to integrate your M&A into the recruitment engine of your business, a lot can go wrong. 

Your recruiters and TA leaders have so much on their plate - who do you have that can effectively manage such a critical stage? 

HireProHR has the TA and M&A expertise you need, understanding how to successfully blend in your newly acquired company. And our deep level of experience in securing corporate and startup talent, allows us to identify candidates with the right balance of startup drive and corporate zest.


Let us be your dedicated TA M&A resource. learn more...

there's no denying the Talent Acquisition landscape has dramatically changed... has your TA function?

Organizations today recognize that to execute their business strategies successfully, they need to have the right talent in place. And in order to have the right talent in place, they need to build a mature, high-performing Talent Acquisition (TA) function.

In a study by Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP, research indicates that small & midsize companies with high-maturity talent acquisition functions exhibit 31% higher revenue, enterprise 18% higher, and both show 30% greater profitability, compared to companies with low-maturity talent acquisition performance.

HireProHR can spend time with your organization to help assess, advise and make actionable strategy plans to optimize and modernize your Talent Acquisition engine, setting up your business for success.

Learn more on how we can take your team to the next level. 

when you need to grow your recruitment team quickly, you need a partner you can count on

Need to fill that conference room with more candidates and scheduled interviews? Does your team have more than they can manage effectively right now? Req loads higher than normal? 

Or maybe you don't have enough hiring volume for a full-time recruiter or recruiting team. Outsource all recruitment to us.


We can also pick up your Executive hiring if you don't have the right resource on staff to manage senior hires.


HireProHR can help take the pressure off and offer whatever recruiting support you need. Consider us a temporary extension of your team.

Let us help lighten the load. learn more...

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