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Recruitment Outsourcing

You're busier than ever, and you need some help with recruiting. It may be that you don't have enough hiring volume to require a dedicated recruiter or recruiting team, so you're thinking about outsourcing.


Or you may have an active recruiting team, but experience extreme hiring fluctuations. So you don't have the headcount or consistent flow for an additional full-time recruiter. You just need a little extra help for those times of hiring spikes.


Or maybe it's Executive Recruiting. You have the occasional VP search, but not enough senior hiring to warrant a full-time Executive Recruiter. And you could really use someone with Executive Recruiting experience to supplement your existing TA Team from time to time. 

This is where HireProHR can help. 

We are experts in recruiting, with 20+ years of experience sourcing, attracting, engaging and closing in-demand passive talent. From entry-level, to mid-senior professional, to leadership, to C-Suite. Within a variety of industries. 

We can come in to help when you need it. We learn as much as we can about your organization/team/role, so we can effectively market your opportunity, acting as an extension of your team, as we engage with and present to you the best qualified talent.  

We stay connected from first contact to onboarding, and share in the process with you as much as you want us to. We're happy to own all communications, including interview scheduling and offer closing. But respect that some prefer to share in this and are completely flexible.


HireProHR is here for you, as your dedicated Talent Acquisition Partner, to support and supplement your recruitment needs, whatever they may be. 

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