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Meet HireProHR

HireProHR is a woman-owned Talent Acquisition consulting firm based in Austin, TX. Since 1999 HireProHR's founder, Karen Hagin, has partnered with clients around the world, providing effective solutions and delivering outstanding service. Her background working within global enterprise organizations such as Visa, VMware, AMD and Arm, consulting for well-known names like Genentech, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Intel and Bio-Rad, successfully integrating multiple mergers & acquisitions, assisting SMB organizations with outsourced recruitment, building TA functions for startups ready to scale, and managing her own agencies, partnering  within a variety of industries, has exposed Karen to two decades of TA innovation, transformation and growth, offering many perspectives. Karen shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise with clients to help them align their people strategy to their business goals, enabling them for success. 

Karen Hagin
Managing Director, Talent Acquisition Consulting
view Karen's profile for more on her background and recommendations of her work  
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