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Mergers & Acquisitions

Your organization is growing, and mergers & acquisitions (M&A) play a vital role in that growth, and in how you're diversifying and innovating. You may have an M&A team, but likely not an M&A person dedicated to Talent Acquisition. Your recruiters are super busy filling those open requisitions, and your TA Manager's day is jam packed keeping your company's hiring momentum going, and leading & developing their team - we know how busy they all are. So who else on your team understands recruitment enough to be able to support the integration of your newly acquired company from a TA perspective?

This is where HireProHR can help.

We can provide a dedicated resource focused solely on your new acquisition. To welcome the new team, slowly integrating them into your existing organization, at the right pace for you both. Careful to preserve what makes them unique, and approach with understanding and the right sensitivity, ensuring they feel valued throughout the process. While at the same time, helping them see the positives of what the new marriage of the two companies brings. 

Our integration & implementation plan will be customized to whatever you need, at the desired pace you want things to go, and for however long it takes to make sure both teams feel successfully united as one. 

Each scenario is completely unique, but could include building and rolling out an entirely new Talent Acquisition function; hiring a new team, creating processes, setting up new systems, training the hiring manager community (if no TA model currently in place.) Or it may be integrating an existing team on the acquired company side into the parent company, blending them together successfully. 

Whatever your needs, HireProHR can support you through this challenging and wonderful chapter of your business' growth, and help to ensure both sides are feeling the most positive outcome of your exciting acquisition. 

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