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Talent Acquisition Optimization

In today's candidate driven market it is imperative to have a mature and efficient TA function in order to attract, engage and retain great talent.


You have an existing TA team that is performing and getting the job done. Yet you know there's more you can be doing to modernize and optimize your recruitment engine. But it takes time to self-evaluate to see if your model is as healthy as it can be. And it's difficult to know where you stand, without having insight into other organizations. 


You keep seeing and hearing about all the cool new technology and trends out there, but with managing req loads, recruiting teams and hiring managers, who has time to keep up with it all, especially when it's changing and evolving every day!

This is where HireProHR can help. 

As experts in Talent Acquisition, we stay on top of new recruiting trends and technology, studying what tools are helping companies be successful, constantly reviewing what's entering our market, and how it can influence recruitment. Our mission is to enable organizations to be successful, through optimization, automation and education, so that your TA team can spend more time doing what they do best...recruiting! 

As a trusted business partner we learn as much as we can about your business through a series of discovery sessions, and together we help you evaluate areas where you can significantly improve, through our comprehensive 10-Point TA Framework. We then provide you with a TA Roadmap to success and a recommended action plan to get you there. 

Every organization has unique needs and requirements, so your plan will always be your own. But it could include aligning TA to business goals, enhancing your candidate experience, increasing hiring manager engagement, automating through new systems & technology, refining your data/metrics/reporting, identifying and promoting your employer brand, adding candidate nurturing campaigns, streamlining processes, setting up new programs, managing recruiter loads & sourcing structure, hiring manager and/or recruiter training, and more. 

HireProHR stays with you, as an extension of your team, for as long as you need us, until you feel you are fully armed for hiring success. Give us a call today to see how we can help. 

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